ALOHAS Tribal Core Purpose

We see the world as it isn‘t and clearly Imagine the future. We will defy the impossible and think differently for Sustainable improvements NOW and a Resilient future for all humanity.

ALOHAS Tribal Core Values

Vision, Human Kindness, Trust, Persistence, Change




We strive for a flexible, flat circular corporate structure for ALOHAS Resilience Foundation and the Project ALOHAS ECO-Center. This is based on the principle of Holacracy in which all team members accept defined dynamic roles instead of being subordinated in a strict hierarchy with determined job titles. The decision-making and power of attorney is not solely related to the management board and the management team, as it is normally the case in traditional organizations. Remarkable with this form of company structure is the transparency in the distribution of tasks and responsibilities, the extensive self-determination of the individual circles, the fast decision-making ability as well as the organic structure that is aligned with the requirements of the company. As a basis and condition serve our strong company philosophy (WHY) and our core values through which our common mission is clearly defined.

Companies choosing the holacracy as their organization model get support by the cloud-based software Glassfrog, a kind of management software, that is targeted at the requirements of holacracy.

More information about holacracy can be found in the book „Holacracy“ by Brian J. Robertson and the following download links:

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