To make the world a sustainable place for future generations.

ALOHAS ECO-Center Vision Statement

 To set a world example for a 100% eco-friendly Food and Beverage Production.

ALOHAS ECO-Center Mission Statement

To provide our customers with organic products that require no compromises. Because from raw materials to disposal of packaging, they are part of a sustainable cycle that is consistent with our environment and humanity.

ALOHAS ECO-Center Philosophy - The Overview Effect

We have researched and taken a global view of what we believe to be a fundamental problem affecting us now and the quality of life on earth in the future. We believe the problem is Climate Change and all the many facets that are tied to this problem. Energy, Resources, Health, and Waste are all parts contributing to the whole of this issue.

We have removed the blinders and are addressing 6 Global Grand Challenges as a complete system together. Energy, Food, Environment, Health, Water, and Disaster Resilience to be exact.  We looked at the earth as a whole and asked the question where are the largest impacts of climate change coming from?  The answer is that many factors and industries affect, create, and contribute to the problem but that from the data, facts, and analysis the Food and Beverage Industry is and will continue to be the major negative contributor in all facets, if the industry does not change to a complete renewable and sustainable system now.


Jointly we have created a complete system that turns the Food and Drink Production Industry on its head by bringing the entire globe up to speed with the sweet spot of current and exponentially growing technology. This is a complete system for Climate, Renewable Energy, Resources, Sustainability, Recycling, Power and Waste plant processing that is CO2 Neutral and has an Energy balance of Net-Zero. This is done using innovative technology, applying technology, vertical farming, full automation, robotics, cradle to cradle, circular economy. The entire system is duplicable, scalable, open source, transparent, sustainable, renewable generation, renewable storage/back-up, complete power, and waste recycling, creating a sustainable infrastructure – the future of production for a Global Era of Sustainability.

Globalization, the rising world population, and climate change force us to find another system of producing food and drinks than now used. The Food industry is one of the most important industries when we focus on contemporary and future problems. In 2050, we’ll need to produce 70% more food than today, because of the rising world population and the consumer behavior. Continuing to produce the current industrial way is playing with the lives of billions of people all over the world. As the philosopher Hans Jonas postulates: „Act so that the effects of your action are compatible with the permanence of genuine human life on earth.“ Today it’s possible to follow the Imperative of Responsibility and use other ways of production, which tie up several loose ends to make an existence achievable for global future generations!

ALOHAS ECO-Center Business Idea

The ALOHAS ECO-Center of the ALOHAS Resilience Foundation represents the first project in Europe that enables an Eco-friendly beverage and food production at 100 percent. Based on a cradle-to-cradle-concept, the complete manufacturing process – from raw materials via product shipping to recycling – is integrated in an effective circulatory economy system, which ensures a reduced usage of resources with carbon neutral methods. The ALOHAS ECO-Center produces drinks and food with several certifications, e.g. organic, fair-trade, vegan, „Made in Germany“ and provides 100% Eco-friendly packaging.

This holistic concept with its environmentally sustainable standards is unique and unrivaled in this industry. The ALOHAS ECO-Center Project, which is to be set up in Hamburg, serves as a role model on a global scale. This will be enabled by the combination of enhanced principles of sustainability and innovative technologies: the Green Factory is equipped with a complete water plant system, including rainwater, gray-water recycling, and black water processing. It will be entirely run by renewable energy such as water, solar and wind. These are linked to the latest energy storage and backup specifically TESLA PowerPacks in order to make the factory independent from the non-renewable energy and reach a net-zero energy balance. On top of this, a portion of our raw materials will be grown on-site in our fully automated vertical farming area, meaning in special, space-saving controlled environment agriculture with a multi-layered cultivation system, fully supplied with recycled rainwater.

On this basis, ALOHAS ECO-Center is able to produce high quality food for the organic food market, that is up to now unique on the market thanks to their Eco-friendly manufacturing, their 100% recyclable packaging and their several sustainable certificates. Unlike current products that only cover one or two parts of the whole spectrum, each of the 85 organic ALOHAS ECO-Center products has received all important certificates: they are all 100% organic, vegan, GMO-free, CO2 neutral, free of gluten and lactose, mainly fair-trade, and they do not contain sugar, preservatives or flavor enhancers.